The Department of Education, Tihu College was started in 1963 (General). The major course under this department was started in 1978. The department got permanent affiliation in 1989-90 (order date 01/09/1990) for both Major and General Courses. The department has a glorious history in the field of educational as well as cultural achievements. Every year the department produces lots of qualified students for higher studies. Besides academic aspects the department gives the students opportunities to develop socially by organizing Seminar, Interdisciplinary talk, Educational tour, Excursion etc. A unit also functioning under this department called Tihu College Education Society.


Image Name Degree Designation
Dr. M. Deka M.A.,Ph.D Associate Professor
Dr. S.K. Das M.A.(NET), B.Ed,Ph.D Assistant Professor
Dr. S. Bezbaruah M.A., Ph.D Associate Professor & HoD
Dr. U.Kalita M.A., B.Ed,M.Phil.,Ph.d Visiting Faculty
Ms. S. Haloi M.A., B.Ed. Part-time Faculty


Sl. No.NameQualificationPeriodAs Head
1Bhudhar DasM.A.28.07.1967 to 31.03.200228.07.1967 to 31.03.2002
2Mr. Mahesh Ch. SarmaM.A. (Double)10-09-1969 to 31-08-200501-04-2002 to 31-08-2005
3Dr. Dipesh Ch. BhagabatiM.A., B.Ed., M. Phil, Ph.D.D29-07-1986 to 12-01-201201-09-2005 to 12-01-2012
4Mrs. Purabi DekaM.A., B.Ed.09-11-2004 to 22-12-2005
5Mrs. Sonali Bora SahariaM.A., B.Ed., M.Phil.22-08-2015 to


1. Mr. Niranjan Barman


The Department of Education, Tihu College intends to generate awareness about the versatility of Education as a discipline and to promote manifold activities in different places of Assam. It also aims at maintaining the growth and development of teacher Education in the State and also to establish co-ordination between community and education through various extension programmes.


  • To make the students understand the role of education in a changing social context and critically analyse its operational effectiveness in that context.
  • To enable students to understand the process of social interaction and its relevance in education.
  • To familiarize the students with methods of education, educational technology, measurement and evaluation in the field of education, to understand the various issues and problems in Indian Educational System, to acquaint the students with the existing education system of various developed and developing countries.
  • To develop scientific attitude among the students.
  • To acquaint the students with philosophical enquiry as a basis of all educational endeavours.
  • To enable the students to understand the management process and develop knowledge on Resource Management , Institutional Management, Financial Management and Personal Management.
  • To familiarize the students with environmental and population issues.
  • To prepare the students for higher studies.
  • To help the students in developing intellectually, morally, democratically, socially and spiritually.
  • To provide leadership as well as citizenship training among the students.


    Well equipped laboratory, Departmental library etc.


    1. Higher Secondary
    2. B.A. (Major & General)
    3. M.A. (Regular under Gauhati University)


    1. Miss Sumi Khataniar got 1st class 1st position in Education Major under Gauhati University in 2013.
    2. Mr. Dipjyoti Haloi got 1st class 1st position in Education Major under Gauhati University in 2017.
    3. Mr. Rahul Kalita got 1st class 1st position in Education Major under Gauhati University in 2018.

    Year wise result of B.A. Final Year Examination in Education Major (2010 onwards)

    Year/SessionTotal appearedTotal PassedDivision/ClassPass percentage
    1st 2nd Simple passed
    2009-10312703 22 0287%
    2010-1131300920 0197%
    2011-12141307 06 0093%
    2013-1428282305 00100%
    2014- 15353523 1200100%
    2015- 16444429 15 00100%
    2016-17363631 0500100%
    2017-1832282206 0087.5%


    1. Conducts MA Practical Classes under IDOL, Tihu College Centre, Gauhati University.
    2. Organises a Departmental Seminar every year on current student oriented issues by inviting eminent Educationists.
    3. The Department organises Interdisciplinary talks/lectures every year.
    4. An Educational Excursion per year.
    5. The department publishes a Bulletin; named PERSONA.
    6. The department has a wall magazine which is prepared by students of Education major every year; name SADHANA.